The act of pleasuring one's self while under a great deal of stress,angst,anger, or general hostility. Often leaves the genital areas red and sore for a period of twenty-four hours. Other side effects may be painful.
mr hughes, school administrator (during the act); "God damn kids Rawrrrr I'm rubbing my cock so hard Rahh I Hate Hartland Rahh MYSPACE Rahh"


After that fight with my girlfriend, i performed some hardcore angry masturbation....that bitch...
by dantrick June 20, 2006
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When you get pissed off at someone for being a hypocritical fetish/kink shamer but you still want to wank one out
You: Well you must be pretty fucked up for liking lolicon, incest, snuff, guro and cannibalism huh?
*You then proceed to your angry masturbation*
by Steel Delvin July 27, 2018
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The act of performing extremely violent self sexual pleasure the morning after a night of heavy drinking and not getting laid. Usually leaves self inflicted puss oozing wounds and burns that can last up to 2 days; eventually, they turn into scabs then heal.
The guy who didn't get laid the night before decided to take his anger out through angry masturbation on a hangover.


(during the act) "Damn you YAM RAAAHHH!!! You sat on my BALLS ARRRGGH!!! I HATE YO! RAAAH!!!!"

by douchewad September 2, 2006
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