A town full of druggies, wannabe gangsters and high school drop outs.
Hartland is a bad town
by lissajo August 18, 2008
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A fun,artistic, average, kind person who is really athletic and understands everyone and how they feel. It is a very rare name and is most commonly found as a last name.
"Hartland is such a wonderful girl! So polite and is very average!"

"That man is such a Hartland!"
by Earthling.on.mars November 23, 2016
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when you talk and/or date somebody for a long period of time but just for fun because you are knowing full well from the start that you would never start a relationship with them because you’re a bitch.
woah bro that’s so peak, he totally ollie hartlanded her’
by lifeisabiych December 22, 2019
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When you get with someone and tell them you like them knowing that you would never actually date them properly, just for entertainment.
‘bro it’s so peak, he completely ollie hartlanded her’
by lifeisabiych December 22, 2019
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a place, in the middle of absolutely nowhere.
consists of mostly white people.
everyone is pretty stuck up and the kids are rebellious
moose are common, and everyone is either Norwegian, extremely religious or both.

it sucks to live in this dump
Jimmy- "Hey dude, lets go over to Hartland, CT"
Tabitha- "Why? theres nothing to do there."
Jimmy- "We can spraypant the school and egg cars"
Tabitha- "OKAY!"
by hartlandlozer555 January 22, 2011
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People who live in hartland and are rednecks. They are mostly between the age of 10- 30 and like to do it the " backwoods way" and hunt, fish, muddin, and dirt biking.
Those guys are doin it hartland style.
by Dingding and tweety January 1, 2015
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