when an item, usually food, e.g. bread or youghurt has got fluffy, satiny, delicate mold on it has gone angora
I ate more than half of the flapjack before i noticed it was totally angora!

Dude, I think this tastes fine, don't mind the angora at all!
by Bunnywabbithop August 18, 2008
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The soft rabbit hair yarn sweater that girls wear, usually a mix of angora and nylon or angora and silk, angora and mohair. The angora sweater is usually a sexual tool, as it creates the feminine impression, as soft and something sexy.
When a girl wants attention, she can get it by wearing an angora sweater. The 100% angora knit sweater is very fluffy and quite warm to wear.
She walks into the room and was never noticed until she wore the pink angora sweater.
" Hi Lynda, that is a pretty sweater you are wearing".

"thanks, it is an angora sweater, from my boyfriend, Brian"
by leaveboxopen October 22, 2011
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A form of logic which is synonymous with fuzzy logic. Predominantly used in business.
The IT team uses angora logic to confuse the business.
by Michelle Thomas July 07, 2008
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