Pertaining to the production of or tending to produce male offspring. Not to be confused with androgynous which means:
1.being both male and female; hermaphroditic.
2.having both masculine and feminine characteristics.
3.having an ambiguous sexual identity.
4.neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance: the androgynous look of many rock stars.
No one on knows how to spell, obviously, as they keep confusing androgenous with androgynous, and giving the wrong definition.
by projichan October 14, 2010
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A male or female (usually young) who could be mistaken for either sex. Usually a feminine boy or a cute girl with boyish features.

Someone whom it is not always obvious at first glance as to whether they are male or female.
Goth / emo often achieve the androgenous look - but make up is not always required.
by i_am_redgirl August 20, 2007
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AndrogEnous is not the same as androgYnous (note the difference!).

Androgenous has to do with MALES while androgynous pertains to sexual ambiguity.

One letter makes a BIG difference!!!
Androgenous is often used incorrectly to mean androgynous!
by ___Drew___ April 9, 2008
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not being able to be distinguished between male or female. someone with both characteristics who is most likely gay or asexual.
Many people think im an asexual because im \androgenous
by Mike Todd Rehemyer November 2, 2008
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A male or female, typically homosexual or bisexual, that displays both feminine and masculine qualities.
Hilary Swank can look nice in a dress and kick ass in her movies; she's so androgenous.
by ilovetatu January 24, 2006
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When someone can conceptualize human personal power (i.e. the little tools we use to get what we want in the world) or the power of a particular title,

i.e. president, and can hold that idea in the brain without associating stereotypical gender expectations to it.
The Pear Computer Company has really androgenized power with the language of their job descriptions and equal pay.
by Dot Twain August 5, 2021
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Someone who is androgenus
Hi! My name is Richard, and I am an androgen.
by October 10, 2023
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