2 definitions by i_am_redgirl

Not to be mistaken for a metrosexual who generally spends a lot of time on his appearance. Although a pretty boy may spend time on his appearance he generally was always pretty - soft featured and more feminine in looks rather than having a square face and chiseled features, usually has a round or oval face. Sometimes androgenous in looks.

Pretty boy usually relates to the hair and face as it does in relation to a girl being pretty.
Hey you're such a pretty boy, you're so pretty P R E TT Y!
by i_am_redgirl August 20, 2007
A male or female (usually young) who could be mistaken for either sex. Usually a feminine boy or a cute girl with boyish features.

Someone whom it is not always obvious at first glance as to whether they are male or female.
Goth / emo often achieve the androgenous look - but make up is not always required.
by i_am_redgirl August 20, 2007