famous vsco girl quote that is commonly used when/if she drops her hydroflask
by acoolturtlebatxh November 2, 2019
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Is a Vsco girl from tiktok viral meme,how to detect them 1.Uses the word and I oop 2. sksksksks 3. They typically have a hydro flask 4. Wears Over size T-Shirts 5. Something related to skate 6. There with and some Hispanics 7. They use Scrunchies
by Ansioso kdkdd August 18, 2019
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AHH ITS A VSCO GIRL!!! Uh well first of all and I oop is when a vsco girl is shocked. They usually say it twice before they say Sksksksk which is their laugh.
Rebecca: I got a new hydro flask!
Olivia: And I oop sksksk!
by ...Why are you reading this?.. September 15, 2019
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Used by obsessed VSCO girls who wear skskscrunchies and want to sksksksave the turtles by using metal skskskstraws.
And I was like: "andioooooooop!!!!!" lol sksksksk and I oop sksksk
by andioopyeettheturtles December 1, 2019
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If you honestly searched this up, your VSCO. It all started from a meme on TikTok by @koobydoobydoobydoo with over 20M views.
Person #1: And-i-oop sksksk
Person #2: Are you seriously acting VSCO?
by Hawxty09 June 2, 2020
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