I reached ananda when I prayed to god.
by Sarananda September 8, 2007
a voluptuous Nubian goddess with giant breasts. makes the toughest homeboys fall deep in love. can sing her ass off and loves to laugh.
"check out the cans on that ananda"

"oh man, i'm a tough homeboy and i just fell inlove with that ananda over there"

"she has the voice of an ananda"

"i don't think you ready for this jelly, is my body too ananda for ya babe?"
by lust4life February 7, 2010
(n) He who controls the monkey underworld. Is often surrounded by food.

"That ananda is due some beats from the midgets!"
by Petite March 26, 2008
this is a girl with the face and body of a goddess who also has the massivest mommy milkers i’ve ever seen and the fattest fucking ass that makes me cum instantaneously and makes the hottest fucking noises and gives amazing fucking head
damn that girl ananda is so fucking hot i wanna rail her
by big dick lucas you already kno December 28, 2022
A 420 blazer, big nigga who love his munchies. Though he might love to call his people his "niggas," he secretly has a heart of gold and will always share his LSD. Jacks off to Apple products and calls his favorite song "my gold-ass hoe." Probably an engineer, consider he probably makes bongs out of McDonalds fries canisters.
Met a guy named Ananda at school. He has this weird smell around him and talks weird as well.
a half black, half puerto rican who has a huge ghetto booty and has a super loud laugh. Ananda's are very tickleish and have good singing voices. They're usually liked my everyone and everyone tries to be around them.
Dude, I wish I was an Ananda.
by coolstorybroski50006 August 13, 2011