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The old fashioned journal you wrote in with crushed tree pulp, binding, and maybe some kind of lock mechanism. For some reason people used to like writing opinions only they read. It is a fad past its prime but Borders still sells them for some reason.
"What is that odd rectangular shaped device you have in your lap that appears to be filled with blue lined 2 dimensional pieces of non-digital substance?"

"Oh this is just my anablog...I write it in to remember things and keep my private thoughts"

"I see, so how do you post it when you're done?"
by Clintacus January 15, 2006
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A.K.A. "logblog" "log-blog."

Ancient personal storage device made with cream of wood.
My computer bag becomes incrementally heavier and less efficient depending on how many logblogs, p-books, or how much sheet-printed static media I choose to include. If it is my intention to inscribe (manually input data) upon any of these items, I must also decide which or how many (should I require RGBCMYK capabilities) delectronic styluses to carry as well.

Interesting fact: In order to include graphics in anablogs, images had to be located WITHOUT SEARCH ENGINES and glues or sticky tapes were required to physically adhere them to the "pages". Sometimes artistic talent was even used to MANUALLY HAND-BUILD images directly onto the media.

Inclusion of active or interactive video or audio content in an anablog was COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE!
by Armand Banana January 18, 2006
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a blog of an "anorexic"...pix sometimes, lots of Tips and Tricks and "Thinspiration"...most of these are owned by 650-pound male pediofiles when the kids he stalks are at school...
typical ana blog:

Hey! today i ate 17 calories and i feel SO SO SO fat! i bought a size 15 bathingsuit, cuz i knew i couldn't fit into anything smaller, and it was SOOO tight! i threw up like 2ce today. my mom kept asking if i ate; it was so annoying...i cut myself and wrote some poetry
i haven't gotten a chance to excersize for like 3 hours, so im gonna go do that. bye, anas!

SkinnyIsAllIWant: hey hunni! ur getting there! i WISH i could ever SQUEEZE into a 15! i hate rents. i should go excersize, 2. ana love<3

AnaIsMyBestFriend: hey, i cut 2! u should totally post ur poems! 2 binges in a day is GREAT! i try to get like 4 a week, average. hang in there; ur looking great! u'll get there! <3ana love<3
by SickOfItAll,AndYou? May 16, 2007
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Anorexic people's blogs. They blab about how fat they are and make us all feel bad about ourselves... or, do they?
someone's anablog: 'oh. my. god. I ate like, a carrot today. I mean, I'm never going to be 42 pounds if I keep this up!!!. I think all 72 pounds of me should die. I am so FAT! and so BAD! oh I think I'll go puke that carrot up.'
by hashely January 17, 2006
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A contraction of the phrase "Analyst Blog". Specifically, a blog of someone who analyzes sectors of industry for the stock market. Someone turned to for informed opinions on a given subject, particularly subjects related to current events.
As Seen On YouTube:
"Tom writes an anablog on the alternative fuels sector and joins us by webcam from his office in North Carolina. Tom? How bad is it?"
by Craig Slizst April 29, 2006
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