What hard-working Replicants have to look forward to.
Ray McCoy's firearm sent a Replicant through a window on her way to early retirement.
by 1337W422102 November 8, 2007
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When a male ejaculates too soon in his parters anus/vagina, leaving a tremendous amount of cum that ends up clogging the entire hole up thus ending in early retirement. Once the anus or vagina is clogged up with jizz you are fucked my friend because you're cock can't go in!
Last night Romeo and Juliet were fucking but it all ended in tragedy after that bitch went into early retirement.
by topmountain August 15, 2010
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Another term for when you leave your job because of burnout
If you don't want an early retirement, you need to take care of youself beforehand
by Sexydimma March 13, 2021
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