A beautiful girl who most likely is tall but funny,Sensitive and loves to dance if you ever meet an Amonie you might want to keep her as a friend or Girlfriend you will never find another as loyal as her Amonie obviously has a medium or big Booty she will forgive but never forgets it is hard for her to be friends with someone that she knows has talked about her so she is quiet Amonie Slayy ..doesn't care what anyone says you may be confused on why everyone likes her but u will see once you get to know her
Whoa is that Amonie ,I want her
by MonieMonae77 November 3, 2017
A very loyal friend. You can always count on her. Amoni is beautiful, smart, kind, funny, entergetic, and outgoing. She is a one of a kind person, any one you meet will NEVER be as great as her. Amoni is an amazing person.
person 1: Who is that girl?

Person 2: How do you not know who that is?

Person 3: Yeah, that is Amoni, the most popular and beautiful girl in the whole school.
by LittleMiss1247 October 17, 2013
Amoni is a one of a kinda girl that is Amazing, she give immaculate live and is the reason for various smiles . She is loved by those who are around her . She is very smart and intelligent, she is a great listener and is very easy to talk to , she can be aggressive when she is angered but she is a girl that deserves the world . She is very beautiful & brightens the room when she is in it .
Amoni is my amazing ex girlfriend .
by JamarToCool June 26, 2019
Someone who is beautiful, really skinny, a crackhead, and will probably never get married. She is a great person, but can be annoying. Like really annoying. And has really annoying habits. But overall she is a great person who will always stick up for her friends and family. And she ain’t scared to beat a bitches ass!!
girl: Amoni threatened to beat my ass and i am hella scared.
Guy: RIP
by smwdb_ligma December 4, 2019
Amoni is avrils best friend that makes her happy everyday :)
Amoni is my bestie
by Amonii April 7, 2021
Someone who will date 10 girls at once.
Person 1: Did you hear Amoni asked 4 different girls to the movies?
Person 2: Yea he asked me and my friends.
by cupcakes87 October 21, 2020
He is a club leader.
Amonie is my club leader.
by Bsomeone October 14, 2018