he is a amole
by Joe July 19, 2003
A fabulously sassy and lovable friend. He will always have your back and will be there to make fun of any bitch who is mean to you. He will always make you laugh and has a wonderful Indian accent. However, don't mess with him cause he will cut you.
Oh snap, Amol is fabulous
by Klassy85 October 15, 2010
AMOLED = Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode

Flexible Display's
by andeng567567 January 8, 2010
He's a literal god. He can take on anyone let it be Kratos, John Wick or even Goku himself.
All the women wanna marry this definition of an alpha male. He's the friend u wanna have and will have ur back at all times. These kind of people are born in a thousand years. If u find one just give up and follow one. He's the most artists and creative person on the planet with no weaknes. He's a real gamer an an overly generous MAN. THE EPITOMY OF GREATNESS. WARNING: DO NOT MESS WITH AN AMOL.
Wooo yeah baby that's what we've all been waiting for... Amol has arrived. What an absolute chad
by Oneirsan1234 November 25, 2021
A friendly "date" with one member of the opposite sex.
Gerald: Hey, you wanna go on an Amoled with me?

Girl: Uh...what's that?

Gerald: Just a friendly date, to get to know each other better and stuff.

Girl: No.

Gerald: :(
by Mas17 April 13, 2010
someone who likes to have kheer and tea in his washroom
he's like amol
by pengalappa November 18, 2013
To play a game of LoL and end up in a 4 v 5.
I played a game of league the other day and ended up getting Amoled when my support disconnected.
by wtfisthislmao June 15, 2015