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A 19th century pleasure cruise with a primarily West African clientele. The cruise ran from along the Ivory Coast, making excursions in the Bahamas and Caribbean, arriving primarily at destinations along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

The vessel was equipped with the latest amenities and luxury technology of the day, including, but not limited to, high quality wrought iron shackles for safe travel during rough seas, straw mats for optimal sleeping comfort, and an onboard chef.

The Amistad pleasure cruise line, managed out of Charleston, NC, was acquired by Carnival Cruise Lines™ in 1865, following an unprecedented and unwarranted decline in reservations. Carnival Cruise Lines ™ is still currently a going concern managed out of an investment trust, WACKY VENTURES, LLP., in Stamford, CT. Plans are already underway for the commission of the Amistad II, running the same route as the original Amistad, giving passengers a vintage experience. It is set to have its debut voyage in Spring of 2009.
Chief of West African Tribe: Mikembe, do you have any suggestions for a summer excursion for the wife and I?
Mikembe: Yes, Chief, I do. Try that pleasure cruise, the Amistad.
Chief: Oh yah, Adwale, went on that cruise during spring break and hasn’t returned – America must be treating him well.
by Jammal Jones December 19, 2006
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a comedic gem, combining titanic and amistad to create a masterly of lulz. found within the movie scary movie. featuring one of the Wayans brother's as the main lead.
I'm the king of the world *yelling incoherently*

cue appearance of balding slave master with his whip cocked back.

the whip cracks across the back of the initial speaker, who happens to be black, impersonating the king of the world moment from titanic.

Amistad 2: Get your ass back down here boy!

In theaters soon
by Keoni-san July 18, 2009
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Dícese de la amistad que se activa solo bajo ciertas circunstancias. Un ejemplo de amigo contextual sería aquella persona con la que relacionas solo cuando vuelves a tu pueblo, pero que el resto del año pero la relación no existe.
- ¿Hablas mucho con ese tío que conociste en el gimnasio?
- Qué va. Lo nuestro es más bien una amistad contextual, solo hablamos en el gimnasio.
by Mindblower March 18, 2016
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