Informal medical acronym used to describe belligerent patients who argue and refuse treatment. Stands for "Alright mother fucker, you're on your own"
That drunk in curtain two is an AMF YOYO.
by Hammerschmidt March 30, 2004
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The harsh termination of a conversation with a fool you can no longer suffer. Pronounced: A - M - F YoYo. Short and direct translation: Adios Mother Fucker, you're on your own. May be used in the presence of children as the concepts of bowling and toys are paramount in their lives - and not fool you are about or to.
Good Friend: "What should we do about Josh? He is the worst wingman ever."
You: "AMF YoYo"
by lorenzo bentway April 12, 2011
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Adios, Mother Fucker, you're on your own.
Responsible Person: Since you haven't contributed, we've removed you from the project.

Slacker: You suck! I was working behind the scenes! What the hell... AMF yo-yo; it was a crappy project, anyway!
by Naughty Counselor December 30, 2008
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AMFYOYO or Adiรณs Motherfucker You're On Your Own! is used when your parental, avuncular, familial, or tutelary entity etc. has had enough of your shit, and consequently kicks you to the curb.
Mom: Hey sweetie, your father and I are going for Mexican tonight and shan't be troubled by your antics!
Offspring: But what should I do for dinner?
Parentals: AMFYOYO!
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by moolato99 April 21, 2018
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AMF - adios mother f--ker
YOYO - you're on your own
No way I'm taking heat for your stupid decision ... AMFYOYO ... I'm out of here!
by 'net user since 1980 May 22, 2016
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