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Defines beauty at its finest. One of the best types of people to ever meet whether.

Those who are ambika are named that for a reason. that reason being they are gorgeous. Word of advice do not mess with ambika because although they look beyond beautiful if you get on her bad side she will make you regret it being mean.
Guy 1: Dude i heard who you were going to prom with! Damn bro your lucky!!

Guy 2: Haha yeahh i guess so, she is Ambika so she has to be the top of the line.

Guy 1: Nicee brahh your night is gonna be one you will never forgett, she is hot as hell.

Guy 2: Thanks bro its gonna be live i love Ambika she is awesome!
by tucansamluckyme123 March 26, 2011
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The name for a sweet girl who amusesamuse everyone around her with her charm. Ambika is a very modestmodest girl who has to be friends with everyone. Her interests include all booksbook, all tv shows and all movies because she has such a wide range of interests. You won’t find a girlgirl like Ambika, a girl who makes everyone laughlaugh with her occasionaloccasion slow momentsmoment. She is also a girl with such a big heart who has amazing friendsfriend.
1) Person 1: So how come the sun is moving across the sky?

Ambika: It’s because the sun moves around the Earth silly!

Person 2: Oh Ambika! I love you, you are so lovely and funny!
by Miss Calypso June 04, 2013
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scientific name for a very pretty girl usually indian but doesnt have the accent or dark skin. She is very much liked by all her peers for her slowness and creativity.
Dude: heyy who is the hotnew girl?

Guy: idk yo but she is defiantly an ambika you should ask her out!
by mexicanmoneyy23432 May 12, 2009
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One who is a danger to themselves and all those within close vicinity (i.e. within 4-5 feet).
Ambika just hit herself in the face.
by SKG 7 July 25, 2007
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person who pretends to be friendly, an allrounder and gets along with everyone at first glance. great first appearance, but little do you know that an ambika will speak about you behind your back, tell all her friends about you, laugh at you. but then at work the next day, flash you a cheeky smile and continue on.

don't sit next to her, or even become a friend of an ambika. she will make you feel comfortable and then just kick you when you're down.

very high maintenance - refer to high maintenance definition. an ambika will never pick up her phone to your calls, ever call back or ever make an effort - because she enjoys the attention of missed calls and open invitations.
friend: Ambika, pass the sprinkles for the toast?

Ambika: Go get your own.
by beijinglover November 27, 2011
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known as the girl/guy who used to be round alot but disappeared much to the gladness to everyone else, especially in P.3.16.126
havent seen that girl in ages, she must have done an ambika
by Patrick O'Guiness January 20, 2008
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