Amber Rose is just fabulous. Shes the sort of girl who you can just high-five, and everyone just wants to be like her. Everyone. When you see her walking down the street, she is followed by rainbows and unicorns from Atlantis. You can get your VIP ticket to 'sassy land' from 'Amber Rose'. Preach it sister.
look at her shes so trying to be a Amber Rose! no one can be like her though!

person 1: Oh i wish i could be like Amber Rose. she is F-A-B-ULOUS!

person 2: who is she?

person 1: REALLY, YOU DONT KNOW WHO SHE IS?! please... there is the door (*points to the door*).. get out.. JUST GET OUT!!!
by LOU-PAN THE AMAZING December 14, 2012
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When a girl has no hair to pull on while performing sexual intercourse ultimately resorting to spanking her on the head.
"This girl had a buzz cut so I had to end up Amber Rosing her"
by alffrej March 30, 2017
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Mmmm. Where do I start , Amber-rose like the color like the rose . Either she smells great. Amber-rose is an unique and indifferent as the hyphen that joins her two nameS
Person 1: oh wow , Gucci mama is this person ?

Person 2: that’s amber

Person 3: No! That’s amber-rose
by Smanss November 05, 2020
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the most amazing person in the universe, the kindest, most generous, sweetest, funny girl you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. also 10000/10 best girlfriend ever
How is Amber Rose?
Oh she’s great, literally the best person ever!
by arloolra April 04, 2021
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The author and publisher of all things Thereal Chronicles. Songs, poems, monologues, manuscripts, and textbook style educational promos that shout out her favorite topics like mythology, history, theory, ancient aliens, science, pseudoscience, quantum physics, and even her own random tweets about philosophy and karma on and
Stalker: "Have you stalked Nina Amber Rose on Facebook or Twitter?"

Fan 1: Oh yeah, nina amber rose is a real person with authentic thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are super hilarious on Facebook at NinaAmberRose and whattayaknow, she is the creator of her own destiny! Her name is Nina Howell!
Fan 2. Oh shit! She tweets at TherealArkHive! I think I am in love Nina Amber Rose!

Fan 1: Totally in love!
by therealchronicles February 15, 2020
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A female booty that is unimaginaly huge accompanied by huge boobs that make your eyes literally turn into hearts😍
I think im in love she has an Amber Rose Booty😍.
by yvng.fresh.prince June 14, 2016
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