A person that is made up of pure amazingness
randomdude1:you see that girl over there?
randomdude2:mmhmm whats her name?
randomdude2:wow she looks like pure amazingness
by ThatRandomDudePerson October 28, 2021
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A word that Katie’s use to explain how they hide their weirdness.
- You’re so weird Katie!
- You’re just blinded by my Amazingness
by Finlax September 20, 2020
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(Adjective) A word which describes something which is beyond greatness and below perfectness
by Coco Philips November 24, 2020
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The failure to notice something that is truly amazing because there's just so much out there to get awed by.
"Hey, kids! Look up in that tree, that's a leopard-- in the wild!"

"Yeah whatever," says the child while stooped over an iDevice.

"Never mind--Amazingness Fatigue."
by twajjo October 26, 2011
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