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The baddest bitch on the planet. No one can stop her. She is beautiful and kind but don't take her for granted do something to her and she will show karma is a bitch
Damn look at amaka she's beautiful
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by Philica January 22, 2018
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Name for girls; popularly known to disappoint people
Amaka disappoint me...
by ThatTboy August 22, 2018
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Can be used to replace the word disappointment. She's the founder of the word *disappointment. All she does is disappoint. She cannot be trusted, don't make any mistake trusting her because she would disappoint you.
She said she would show up,but she Amaka me.
by Stacy18 September 11, 2018
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This is the name given to a person who disappoints often or someone who doesn’t keep to promise or agreement

It is also an act of disappointing and can be used to replace disappointment
John is a Amaka cos he doesn’t keep to time.
All tailors in Nigeria are Amaka because they are used to disappointing customers.
I trusted mercy but she eventually Amaka me .
by Billabong2310 October 02, 2018
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