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Many words to describe her. She’s beautiful and fierce. Pays no attention to anyone who rubs her the wrong way. She has the best sense of humor! Alyvia can Manley anyone laugh. Guys fall left and right for her. But she doesn’t think she’s “girlfriend material” you’d be lucky to know an Alyvia because this girl is rare.
by Gaorxoxo March 15, 2018
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Shes just so perfect but she doesnt think so. Alyvia is the bestfriend that you could ever have.She will always listen to everything you say and give the best advice ever. Alyvias’ ares super funny, but they are extremely misunderstood. If you get an Alyvia dont let her go because they are truly the best. They are extremely loyal andThey are one in 7 billion!!💗💗
That Alyvia right there is my best damn friend!
by 9-16-16 May 16, 2018
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The best person in the world and nobody will ever be better then her except for xxxtentacion
Alyvia is an amazing person I wish I could meet her
by Livy s June 19, 2018
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AMAZING, nice, strong girl. Nicest person you'll ever meet! She has blonde or brown hair. Like to play volley ball. Loves animals including dogs and bunnies. Always protects friends! Big heart. Just the best person in the WORLD!!
Girl 1: She's too nice gosh!
Girl 2: I think her name is alyvia?
by Heyxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo June 05, 2016
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A fucking hot looking girl that has the brain and body can rarely be nice but can be funny when she want to be cares about her family and protective has anger issues but is loving funny sister and friend anyone can have 😊☺️
Boys: DAMN!!
Alyvia: what
Boys: that body though

Alyvia:BOY BYE 👋🏽
by Vgdjukgyfgh March 29, 2017
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Hot as hell really nice loving and is soooooooo amazing
Oml she is such an Alyvia
by 12345people is me March 26, 2017
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A hot as fuck, sexy girl who loves kids named Andrew, usually play vollyball and are from Washington
Alyvia is so hot
by jklshgoshjgtrjmchbcdwhubbh October 02, 2011
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