An alternate learning program for students at Dedham High school. All Alternative classes are stuck in the E wing, which has no windows, except for mr. Hughes's room. Kids are in Alternative for many different reasons. Either you have missed alot of school and are far behind, your are just horrible at school, you have trouble learning in regular schooling enviorment, so basically if your arnt "perfect" at school. Alternative is nicknamed ALT, and use to be a pretty chill place. Now it sucks because there is a new director that no one seems to care for. Alot of mainstream students want to be in ALT because they think its the easy way out of school, when really its hell on earth
"What do you expect? I'm in Alternative"
by alternative kid March 04, 2009
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a alternative is someone who likes all kinds of music (mainly rock,grunge,metal,death metal,punk, etc)
They dress in baggy yet dark clothes

ahhhhhhhh u ppl are such pricks! judging everyone u shud DIE!
by Lucy! April 17, 2004
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To be honest, I was talking about 'Alternatives' to my mum the other day, she said "Cross Dressers?".

Although, me thinks 'Alternative' is just now what the Moshers in our wonderful norhtern land call themselves coz they got bored.. Maybe I should start calling myself a Hayishf.. hey, it might catch on..
Person: I'm becoming a mosher on saturday!

Other Person: Really?

Person: Yeah, mum's taking me to town to get my stuff!
by Hollie January 21, 2004
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How emo people describe themselves without actually saying "emo"
Person: Wow the music you listen to is kind of emo lol

Emo Person: No it's not!! It's ALTERNATIVE!
by metticandy December 11, 2017
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