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A great way to refer to a female human vagina. It's kinda cute, so the chicks are usually cool when you ask to see their poonanny. or touch it, apply saliva, etc.
C'mon baby, let me check out your poonanny!, or
Wassup with that poonanny, baby?
by quaker oatmeal July 25, 2003

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A vessel for media available for viewing via the Internet. Programmers, both uber noob and leet, assemble code that ultimately results in at least one page of information. This/these page(s) usually contain words, images, video, sound, and more. Newer websites contain dynamic information that gives users (people viewing the website) access to one or more resources, such as a database. This website, urbandictionary.com, is the perfect example of a website containing dynamic content. This entry was submitted to a database for your review.

Websites can be sweet or they can be the suck. Websites containg porn, forums, shit you can buy, and funny crap are examples of sweet websites. Websites containing static information that does not arouse interest or humor are the suck. This website is sweet.
My idiot friend Chad made a website all about himself. What a retard.
by quaker oatmeal July 25, 2003

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A generator that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy, specifically AC Power (alternating current). These are usually found in automobiles. They make it go by charging the battery and maintaining an electrical current to one or more of the following items: a) spark plugs, b) air conditioning, c) stereo, d) power windows, e) various pumping mechanisms... etc.
The alternator in my car is broken. My battery has no juice even right after I shut off the car.
by quaker oatmeal July 25, 2003

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The process of calling your friend and asking him if it is ok to bring two hookers from Tijuana over to his house to have sex with and then kill one (ONLY ONE) of the two hookers, and then let the other run away. Part of the fun is seeing if the other hooker can make it back to TJ.

Also, there is another term known as ULTIMATE T-STEPPIN. Ultimate T-STEPPIN is when you ask your friend if you can bring two Tijuana hookers over, but do NOT tell him that you are going to kill one. When you bring the hookers over, you get your friend really drunk (I MEAN REALLY DRUNK), then you kill one of the hookers in his bed, put a goat in the room, and then leave with the other hooker. Your friend will wake up, hungover, with a dead Tijuana hooker in his bedroom. That is how you ULTIMATE T-STEPP.
"Awww man, I T-Stepped the other night, and my friend got arrested and sent to jail for 15 years. WHAT A NIGHT!" T steppin for life!
by Quaker Oatmeal April 19, 2006

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