To actually laugh out loud. Due to the common usage of 'lol' for situations with only brief elements of humour, alol has become necessary to signify to someone when you actually laughed out loud
<Jack> And then mum walked in
<Jill> alol
by KH January 15, 2004
the act of actually laughing out loud (lol), as opposed to just typing lol but not really laughing
C: yeah last night was really fun
C: i wish i could remember what happened though
P: hahaha
P: that made me lol forreal
C: it made you alol???
P: yes
C: (actually lol)
by courtnayy August 18, 2008
Actually laugh out loud. Started in World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Entropia Universe. The reasoning behind this acronym is from people texting lol, and then not actually laughing out loud as they could not be heard over the game audio. Those that actually laugh during an online joke would text alol, as in , I am actually laughing out loud.
USER#1: (Tells a Joke)
USER#2: haha
USER#3: lol
USER#4: alol <--They are actually laughing in real life.
by Nabolshia April 13, 2011
well it basically means actually laughing out loud because ppl say lol so much now you cant tell if they r laughing or just saying it cuz they have nothing to say hence alol
marygoesmoo: hey whts up?
queenssayquack: nothing to much, you?
marygoesmoo: watching omg shoes on youtube, alol
queenssayquack: nicee
by Tinax33 October 17, 2007
what you tell someone online to let them know you're Actually Laughing Out Loud, because lol is a load of shit.
Only use when really laughing out loud so that it does not become it's retired brethren lol.

Hailey: I'm pooping
Holly: ew.
Hailey: alol


Louis: I kicked Jim in the balls today
Louis: just say alol!

Drew: i have to babysit tonight. :( poopie
Meg: lol
Drew: did you actually just laugh out loud?
Meg: no
Drew: lieing bitch
by Holven Hector August 17, 2008
Meaning Actually Laughing Out Loud, this acronym has become a necessity in todays generation due to the ever so frequent lol's. Most users of the acronym lol know that no real laughing takes place when the acronym is mentioned. Thus the creation of alol. Meant to be used ever so delicately in situations where you ACTUALLY laugh.

Similar to LOL, LMAO, LMFAO.... basically anything that is capitalized as it signifies extremes.
Michael: Dude, whats the difference between an 'Oooh' and an 'Aaah' ?
Bhavin: ... what?
M: About 3 inches!
by Hindusouljah September 19, 2010
The word alol is a very good abbreviation meaning “actually laughing out lound” you could also use the term aloling for a better sentence
Person one: “says something funny
Person two: omg alol
by Kait Leigh August 6, 2020