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The word alol is a very good abbreviation meaning “actually laughing out lound” you could also use the term aloling for a better sentence
Person one: “says something funny
Person two: omg alol
by Kait Leigh August 06, 2020
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To actually laugh out loud. Due to the common usage of 'lol' for situations with only brief elements of humour, alol has become necessary to signify to someone when you actually laughed out loud
<Jack> And then mum walked in
<Jill> alol
by KH January 15, 2004
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the act of actually laughing out loud (lol), as opposed to just typing lol but not really laughing
C: yeah last night was really fun
C: i wish i could remember what happened though
P: hahaha
P: that made me lol forreal
C: it made you alol???
P: yes
C: (actually lol)
by courtnayy August 18, 2008
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Actually laughing out loud. With the inclusion of 'lol' into our vocabulary, it has become impossible to tell if someone is actually laughing out loud. Now we have a'lol, until that gets raped and overused too..
that was so funny i a'lolled
by Tha Tonkin July 08, 2009
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A humorous A-hole.

An A-hole that makes you laugh.
"Haha, what an A-lol!"
by FunkredibleBen June 23, 2014
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