a girl who likes to play all the guys she meets in her town
there goes alisha with one more guy.
by biges October 27, 2011
a girl who is tends to sleep around with different people, especially while pregnant. Likes to take fathers away from their own children so they can raise her kid. is known to have scabies and nasty spider bites. lost all the real friends because she was two faced, and crying over them marrying her ex. a girl who tried to marry a drug dealer in jail, but was dumped at last minute. someone who got beat up by their own father when they were22 years old. makes around 18388 a year serving food. a girl who tends to live in income based apartments, receives foodstamps, daycare assistance, and yet has enough money to get nails done every week.
that girl alisha is nasty and trashy and such a whore...
by aldfhsdjkfhdksjghou July 20, 2010
A wonderful, charming, beautiful, gorgeous person who is sexy as hell. Has no trouble getting a guy and in fact can have several vying for her attentions at once without any effort. Has the most beautiful eyes of any girl in the world. A great mother and a caring person in general. Perfect in every conceivable way. Great at any task she undertakes and fails at nothing. Has an amazing personality and amazing sense of humor. Impossible to be angry at for any length of time because one look at her face will make you forget the reason why. Breathtaking kisser and has the ability to make a person addicted to her company with a single touch. Will go to any length to help a friend even if she doesn't talk to them often. Sacrifices anything of hers to make sure her family is happy and has everything they want. If you have an Alisha in your life then you have blessed by the gods.

Another name for an angel.
Person 1- "Who's that angel sitting at the bar?"

Person 2- "That's Alisha"

Person 1- "Man shes perfect"

Person 2- "I Know"
by aussie vampire February 5, 2010
She is a wonderful person and she does not know it. She has beautiful eyes and a very cute smile whenever you try to make her laugh. She's great in company coz she always comes up with something random and has gorgeous hair. Her only problem is that she keeps on running away to her own business and does not know how much she is hurting the people who loves her. She may hurt you unknowingly from time to time however the sound of her voice always mask her drawback because whenever you are not around her, you tend to miss her lively personality and think about her well being rather than being mad at her.

Mr. Gorilla :)
Alisha: (Voice) Eeeeeelllex!!

Friend: that's obviously Alisha!!
by Mr.Gorilla March 5, 2012
Alisha is a traditional Roman family name and can mean born at sea. Girls with inner beauty often have the name Alisha. This girl often has an unknown talent that a close person finds out for her. She is kind and caring and has an adorable laugh. She is constantly smiling and cannot stay sad for too long.
If you are sad, find an Alisha
by Peng_Names April 25, 2019
Let's just say that shes a fake friend, and a big bish
"Alisha is really rude"
by Jojo123 May 29, 2020