This is when you find yourself in a situation where you are the only person in the room who makes any sense. When it bothers you to be the only sane person at the "mad tea party" you are suffering from Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.
I attended a business meeting where management and my teammates decided to blatantly lie and mislead our customers. I was the only one who had a problem with this. When I spoke up, I was told to stop making trouble and to start being a team player. I fell into Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.
by cahoime March 8, 2015
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an alice in wonderland reject is a girl who dresses queerly on purpose. sometimes wears tutus and tend to go out with hot guys. Usually art students.
becky: hey look at that guy
vicky: ye he's got a girlfriend
becky: ye shes a total alice in wonderland reject.
by Ransack and Meg March 1, 2006
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This is a real and serious mental illness like depression, its just not nearly as common. Its when things seem either smaller or larger than they actually are. Or when something seems farther or closer than it actually is.
Patient : I look bigger to myself than most people see me as.
Doctor : you may have Alice in wonderland syndrome
by Cat Kiana September 28, 2018
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1. ALICE IN WONDERLAND REJECTS are strong/ creative /independent/ chivalrous MAVERICKS, free thinking leaders, gifted girls united in the FASHION /FILM/ THEATER/ DANCE/ MUSIC/ FINE ARTS/BODY ART. Many are art students & college drop outs. They're always wearing tutus, thigh highs, rainbow colored hair, & dating hot guys. To be DEFINED as an A.I.W.R., 1 MUST BE MULTI-TALENTED in MANY UNRELATED mediums of the arts. They are habitually ridiculed /dismissed/ outcast-ed/ misunderstood by the mainstream / majority of society, for their non conforming opinionated nature / choice of action/ choice of fashion. They explain themselves to NO ONE that disapproves of them & are habitually used to being shunned by conservative Christians, non Christians, liberals EVERYONE basically.

2. coy, eccentric, odd, quirky introverted loners, with geeky/ nerdy interest in games like the Rubik's cubes & tetris type games etc, though they can be quiet & reserved, they can be quite outspoken about their passions/convictions, & they stand out everywhere they go.

3. Alice In Wonderland Rejects is a fashion/art line/brand created by Vikki L. Y the ORIGINAL Alice In Wonderland Reject. The video sur-reality series AIWR is currently in preproduction, & will be shot late 2013, released early 2014 released via internet.
"Look at Vikki over there with her apron full of color pencils, getting kicked out of "Concerts IN the Park", for doing caricatures for free?!! Watch tommorrow she'll be in another event busking for tips, tap dancing or singing something like an alice in wonderland rejectalways do!"~Billy
by Alice RAbbit January 12, 2013
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