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Used to describe something obvious that is usually related to something queer/LGBT
Person A: "Do you think that person is gay?"
Person B: "Queerly"

Person A: "Are you going to volunteer to work on the repeal of Prop 8 in CA?"
Person B: "Queerly"

Person A: "What are you doing right now?" (towards Person B who is singing Glee)
Person B: "Queerly, defying gravity"
by GCcantstopwontstop January 16, 2010
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obviously. Esp in reference to the determinination that someone is homosexual
Clueless Homo 1: That guy is really hot, but do you think he's a fag?
Knowing Homo: Quite queerly -- have you not noticed all the penises he's constantly jamming in his butt?
Clueless: I guess you're right.
by Baby Brae August 08, 2008
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