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Alex is a girls name too, you can love her, she is so sweet, kind, and always looking hot. She is a girl you want to be friends with
You're hanging out with Alex (girl) ?!?


Ugh you're so lucky, I know you will have fun
by Kathleen Sindhi December 22, 2013
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Super chill. Athletic, fun, funny, and adventurous. Best person to go to party with because she is the life of the party. Always looking for a good time. Extremely thoughtful and protective. If you fuck over someone she loves you are screwed. Carefully chooses friends and boyfriends. The girls want to be her the guys want to have her. Best taste in music and food. If she’s blonde she’s probably smart and funny. If red head most likely shy but good at dancing.
Brad: Damn that girl is thick! Who is she??
Jack: That’s Alex (girl), you don’t even have a chance!!
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by Hmmmmmmm12675832 April 21, 2018
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