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Alesha is sometimes quiet around people she does not know, but once you get to know her she is the funnest person to be around. She is very athletic and loves to explore. Her long beautiful hair and face make boys fall at her feet. Alesha's doesnt fall for guys easily but once she does she never wants to let you go. Alesha's is funny, athletic, beautiful, smart, amazing runner, is a great friend and keeps her promises. Her eyes change colour deppending on the light and her mood. She loves food but never gets fat. Alesha's can sometimes be upset and then a minute later can be the happiest person in the world
boy #1: dude i got an alesha

boy #2: what thats so not fair. i want an alesha
by fisher1414 October 21, 2012
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Alesha is a smart kind gentle person who will always be thare to root you on. She is a true warrior. Cougarheart!
Alesha is so nice and kind
by Snowdropfrost27aj November 12, 2018
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An Alesha is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful, loud girl who is always fun to be with. She doesn't hit people because she is a hippie. She wants to be a ninja and will use the words sorry and secret against you. She is going crazy and will be put in a pink straight jacket to be taken away. Pink is her favorite color. She forces you into pinky promises that you always want to keep. You easily fall for her simply because she is her and thats the way it is. You have to love her cuz she is ALESHA
amazing Alesha
by notsosure22 June 11, 2011
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An Alesha is usually quiet, but when she gets to know you, she’s the most freakin’ awesome girl you’ll ever meet. Often, Alesha’s don't have much booty or boobs but are still way, super, hot anyways. Apparently, her skinny waist and cute face makes up for it. Alesha's are bubbly, blonde skank bags and are known for their sexual prowess. An Alesha may look innocent but in reality she is a freak in the sheets. (May be confused with a porn star.)
Friend #1: "Whoa! Is that a sexy, coked out, whorish, dirty, porn star?!"
Friend #2: "No, that's just an Alesha.... I wanna be an Alesha."
Friend #1: "Me too."
by It's a secret. April 12, 2008
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A preppy blonde who is evil at the same time. Probably the most amazing person ever. Any time spent with her is filled with fun.
Girl 1: Dude I'm really bored.
Girl 2: Lets go party like an alesha!
Girl 1: wuwho!
by Maia-pie March 13, 2009
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Alesha is a fucking thohoe who slept on a couch and is bisexual enough that she will fuck your life up if you say something bad to her.
1- what the fuck this girl is crazy - an alesha
1-she fucked my life up with a single condom
by its kyra bitches December 05, 2018
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