English: similar to, like.

Tagalog: 1st person singular possessive pronoun "mine".
1. The music they play is akin to ska or some other thing.

2. Ibigay sa mo akin, putang ina.
by Enheduanna February 4, 2020
Odd guy with a lot of sass. Weird humor as well tbh. Gotta love him tho.
Yup that akin for you with his sassy comments.
by Dion_Maybe July 11, 2018
Akin is a funny person but is fucking clueless has 2 or 3 close friends always manages to get Bullied by his friends and always has money
Friend 1: it’s akin

Friend 2: let’s bully him

Friend 3: we should get him to shout us

Akin: sadass
by Akins friend November 23, 2021
Akın (pronounced ˈakɯn) is a Turkish name, meaning 'flood', 'stream', 'attack'.

Basically someone who is strong and courageous as well as easy-going, calm and beautiful.
by November 24, 2021
Amazing human being with a glowing heart. Mildly autistic with a heavy bench press.
by NOT AKIN M. November 22, 2021
south western nigerian guys with a cute baby face but the soul of evil being.
jake is such an akin.
by datdoggiestyle May 15, 2021
Stream, warrior, a person who is always happy.
Akin can be a person's name (Muslim)
by xxxzzzyyy November 1, 2022