Knees bent and spread widely apart, while the feet remain close together.

Derived from akimbo: A similar posture of the arms in which the hands are placed on the hips and the bent elbows point outward.
I love those photos of you lying with your legs akimbo. Will you send me some more?
by Charles K Darwin March 31, 2008
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A body position in which the feet are kept together or close to one another while the knees bent and spread widely appart. Usually adopted while the person is sitting, reclining or lying on their back.

The pose is very sexually provocative and is often assumed naturally by women during intercourse or as a visual prompt to initiate sex.

The term is derived from 'akimbo' - a similar posture involving the arms - the hands are placed on ones hips with elbows bent and pointing outward, thus forming the same diamond shape.
I think she liked me; when I walked into the room she was lying on the bed with her legs akimbo, wearing nothing but a grin!
by Iona ;-) November 11, 2007
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A take-off on the phrase "arms akimbo", meaning to give a visualization of someone bending the legs with the knees to the outside but with the feet together. Possibly first used in print by the cartoonist Johnny Hart in the cartoon B.C., where a character mentions a female nightclub dancer named Legs Akimbo. This is to indicate that her act is risqué, as her crotch would be exposed, or that she would dance in a wild fashion, with great abandon.
She was a sexy dancer, with a short skirt and her legs akimbo.
by rideswithscissors January 22, 2017
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When a woman is eagerly awaiting at home for her mans love truncheon with a freshly greased up minge legs spread as far as the eye can see and the beef curtains fluttering gently in the breeze.
Oi Steve. I got in from work the other day there to find the missus up stairs legs spread like a yawning hippo I would say legs akimbo if I don’t know better. So naturally I double piked right into that wizards sleeve.
by Jambokeith85 January 25, 2020
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