like every other kind of rot like crotchrot but with your head. Its when your up at 3 AM playing addicting games or reading celebrity twitters or watching terribly unintentionally hilarious pron. Basically, mindrot is doing something crushingly stupid while your mind slowly melts and all of your intelligence bleeds out of your ears.
Me- Yo, I was just so high, I decided to go on youtube and watch parkour accidents! Its was awesome but it was total fuckin mindrot.

My Friend- Dude you need a chick.

Me- Yeah real bad, fapping gets old.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
This is a slang term for the city of Minot (a.k.a "Mindrot") North Dakota. Which is a very appropriate name considering the people who are born and raised in the town (and never leave) pretty much sit at home and watch tv 24/7 and literally allow their minds to rot. Funny what too much religion and limited exposure to the outside world can do to a person.
"Hi Steve, how are you? I haven't talked to you for along time! What? You're STILL living in Mindrot, North Dakota?! I'm sorry. What's the temp? -8 degrees? Geesh! Well I better let you go so you can go watch TV or go back to church."
by RemarkableSD December 7, 2009