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Usually a girl named ainin is so mysterious and quit secretive she very clever and people can trust her.She is honest and many people will like to be friend with her.People who named ainin is so Cool and Excellent
"Wow she is so ainin look"
by Little bunny sugar blue December 29, 2017
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Ainin is uncommon name. She is lovely and kind also has a lot sense of humor. She’s the “I don’t give a shit” type. She doesn’t really care about what other people think about her. She had so many talent other people can’t do. Doesn’t like attention (introvert person). She will be very loyal to her love partner. She is very daring (she would cut her hair like a dude and no regrets or quit her job just because it’s boring). Friendly on certain person. She’s a chill, relax, lay-back person doesn’t like to show off. But when she gets angry and snap, run for your life.
Boss: “Finish this paperwork in twohours or you fired.

Ainin: “I don’t give a shit.”
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by Judging expert April 22, 2018
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Ainin is someone who likes to joke people and take the joke very well
She is someone who really good at keeping secrets
She is someone who easy to talk too..
She may look like don't have a friend but in real she does have many friends
If you lose her as your friend,you really suck
Girl1:Why Ainin don't come to school?
Girl2:We heard from her mom that she ill
Girl1:Poor her..why she ill?
Girl2:Lets meet her after school
by Nananaananan December 29, 2017
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