Aila a bad bitch who has her life together. Shes pretty smart and has gone through alot and is still a strong independent bad-ass. A Aila is not the type of girl you wanna fuck with she will see right through you. she is pretty and uses this to take charge.

If you were to go out with a Aila remember you are lucky to have her and never let her go as they are a rare type.
Aila? Its I-la
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by badass193 January 30, 2018
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mhm an annoying girl but she a cool one you get close to her she gonna be a reallyyy close friend so don't do her wrong she alright on her looks it ain't much but they alright and and she is very relatable
you know aila, cause she gets my problems
by aila23 March 30, 2017
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