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Argentinian origin word that can be used in almost any situation, often said out loud. It literal translated meaning is 'oh-so'.
It's often (over)used by floggers and teenagers, it can be used in replace of 'whatever', 'lol', 'wtf', 'omg', etc.
You can also use 'ahre' before a sentence to express disagreement and tell what do you think is da truth.
Girl1: Today my boyfriend told me I was kinda fat.
Girl2: AHREE!

Boy1: Hey dude can I have some cookies?
Boy2: I don't have any cookies dude.
Boy1: Ahre! I just saw a bag of cookies in your desk!
by Veevz July 30, 2009
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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Palabra utilizada cuando se busca quitar el peso de una oración o comentario seria/verdadera. También se usa para tirar shade throwing shade
1) Ella siempre me pareció una perra, ahre.

2) ¿Por qué no vienes y me comes la boca? Ahre.
by LauGo March 06, 2020
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An Ähre is a word only smart people can use.
a: Wow he´s an Ä the thing you hack zeug with on a field?
b: yes haha *laughs in smart*
by confused ungabunga January 29, 2021
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