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Is a term commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore referring to a person of Southern Indian-Muslim background. It is thought that the term originated from the word 'mama' which is frequently used by Tamil-Muslims meaning 'uncle'. Some Indian-Muslims in Malaysia find this term offensive or racist.
I didn't know he was a mamak. No wonder he didn't have any Hindu icons at his restaurant.
by kawaputra October 3, 2006
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A term normally used in Malaysia and Singapore to refer to ethnic Chinese youths with a rather loud, and/or some would say, terrible sense of fashion. They probably would come from a lower income household. Some would argue that these youths are trying to emulate Japanese street fashion, but did not really succeed. The common Ah Beng would sport an outrageously bleached, or blond-dyed hair; an odd bootcut trousers; a tight t-shirt; and some not really pretty tattoos. Ah Bengs are normally thin, and some are habitual drug users (especially ecstasy).
I dont like to go to Warp? There's so many Ah Bengs there.
by kawaputra October 3, 2006
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