a treacherous mountain with many obstacles such as falling boulders and snow which 3 challengers had to face as the last event of the nick show GUTS! players had to hit 7 buttons and a final one at the top. the first to do so won the piece of this majestic "crag"
guy1:that argentinian kid won the aggro crag
guy2:nah he missed that one light after he got bouldered
guy1:what a narc
guy2:yeah, i wanna bang moe
by azzata January 6, 2006
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the mountain on the greates show on earth, and also christian raglands nickname
person1: hey its aggro crag
person2: o god, hes angry, now hes the mega crag!
by tlamb August 12, 2008
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it is a piece of a aggro crag mountain on nickoledeon guts. this piece of aggro crag glows with some unknown thing in the middle.
The female won the competition and won the glowing piece of aggro crag
by Ashley December 11, 2004
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1. The final obstacle course in Nickelodeon’s GUTS, in which contestants had to climb the Aggro Crag and light the actuators.

2. A house in Bowling Green, OH. It is frequented by students of BGSU, but has also hosted guests from The Netherlands, Germany, and Japan. Known for the best parties and the worst hangovers.
Dude, all I remember from last night was going out to the bars, but this morning I woke up at the Aggro Crag wearing a wet suit and scuba gear.

Where is the party to go to this weekend? Same place as always, the Aggro Crag!
by bstaple September 26, 2009
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