something that "justifies" pedophilia

It's not pedophilia, I'm age fluid
A DISGUSTING 'part of the Lgbt+ community' (its not its really not) tbis is an excuse for paedophilia. Smh.
Peson 1: Isnt bob a little old for Emily.
Persson 2: oh no its fine he's Age fluid
by My sisters an annoying biatch December 24, 2020
some bullshit term coined by people who oppose the lgbt community to make it seem like pedos are welcomed there. (clearly cishet propaganda)
“have you heard of the new sexuality ‘age-fluid?’ It basically justifies pedophaelia and it’s new to the LGB-”
“oh? the one that doesn’t exist because sexual attraction does not correlate at all with age and age fluid would technically neither be a sexuality or gender identity. but, okay, continue believing everything on Facebook, Janet.”
by kimmyheddd August 22, 2020
A term created by transphobic internet trolls that describes a hypothetical identity: "someone who does not identify with their biological age." Though not an actual term used to describe any sexual orientation or identity, "age fluid" is used as a device in memes to disturb and conjure fear of trans/genderfluid folks. This occurs by suggesting that the LGBTQ+ community would justify or condone sexual assault of youth.
Gee, some people will do anything to trick folks into thinking transphobia is justifiable-- I just saw the most ridiculously made-up meme with the hashtag # Age Fluid!
by Jupiter Music February 1, 2017
from BDSM and littles who don't have a set age. they don't attempt anything as such with children but in truth act or mentally become such age or ages for an amount of time sometimes as a coping mechanism for stress and in general just play, watch cartoons, drink of the age-appropriate devices (such as bottles or sippy cups) and cuddle. Example: While regressed one may throw a tantrum because they didn't get dino chicken nuggets with their macaroni or the wrong color sippy or the next day when regressed is more comparable to an aloof teenager listening to music and being defiant. Has NOTHING to do with sex
I don't have a set age when I regress, I'm age fluid
by Baby Butterfly July 30, 2020