adj., showing consideration for others only when it is obviously way too late and, usually, only when forced to do so. In other words, a thoughtful gesture made as a total afterthought.
Two roommates run into each other in the hallway ...
Guy: Hey, want to grab a beer?
Guy's friend: I can't tonight. I'm going out with Samantha and Colleen ... oh ... want to come along?
Guy: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!

Girlfriend calls on phone, on Friday evening, after being away 2 weeks on a business trip ...
Girlfriend: Hi! I'm back from my business trip. I put together a hiking trip. Of course, you're invited!
Guy: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!

Guy who can no longer lie about attending an upcoming party to 1 of 5 girlfriends ...
Girlfriend: Let's do something tonight!
Guy: Uhh, so yeah ... Tonight is the big party. Want to go with me?
Girlfriend: Thanks! That was very *afterthoughtful* of you!
by Enrique Rodriguez July 11, 2008
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An insult used to describe someone of little or no importance; someone so lame and useless they're just considered a mere afterthought. Used by one of the characters in GTA V.
"You're a waste of space on this earth!"

"Fuckin' whatever..."

"Idiot! You depressing afterthought! Why oh why weren't you drowned at birth!?"
by lester square October 2, 2013
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An afterthought is something thought of at the last minute. Afterthoughts are common among video games and movies.

"Did you hear about Halo: Reach?"

"Yeah, it seems like an afterthought"
by Frickin' I don't care June 14, 2009
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rockin the rock bands of red wing is what afterthought does best
by hughbert himself April 10, 2003
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A period of silence in the middle of a digital chat or after an email you sent, where you fear that something you said might have been horribly misconstrued
OMG, having a massive PMA (Paranoid Miscommunication Afterthought) after telling Jackie that I'd be interested in having No Strings Attached (NSA) sex with her - does she now think I'm not interested in her? Does she think I'm a player and this is my style? Should I clarify on our date tonight? Are we even on for tonight? Why won't she respond on BB IM? Why won't she answer my calls now? How do I make it right? Arghhh!!!
by Peter Greenwall December 11, 2010
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