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Person you want to curse when India losses cricket match. The person which any Indian can curse
I failed in exam taripan afridi chya aaichi gand...
Utha utha sakal zali afridichya aaichi gand mhanaychi vel zali...
by nikola tesla February 14, 2015
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A warrior tribe from Khyber Pass in Pakistan... don't ever fuck with an Afridi.
American guy: Why do our soldiers always chicken out when they are following Taliban into Pakistan?

British guy: Because the Afridi tribe occupy the Pass.

American guy: So? They always risk death when they are fighting the Taliban.

BG: Ahhhh... there you are, Taliban kill you.. Afridi's starve you, rape you, tear a few of your limbs off and eat them, chop of your penis and feed it to their dogs, parade your deformed body through the town, kill you and then skull fuck you. Don't ever fuck with an Afridi.
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