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Sexy, Nice *unless messed with* , Fighter, Sweet, Caring for his lover, Protective, Doesn't follow crowds, Usually has brown eyes
His name is Pasha
by GreatOne23 November 20, 2010
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Historically a Turkish word to refer to a King or Emperor. Used currently in reference to the Arab spring to mean "Peace & Justice," as understood in a Medicine dream of revolution with the phrase "Pasha for the People." Also an organic chocolate sold at health food stores.
by fuckboxword July 07, 2016
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An egg memion
Pasha means lovely and beautiful in the language of the Meowth people, and I think that's beautiful
by love meme guys April 12, 2016
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A boy who is charm and sexy. He is incredibly talented in music. And he is also known as an orange koala.
Look who is here, oh who is that girl with Pasha?!
Oops it supposed to be Niloufar his one and only love!
Ooh lucky them!
by AlterEgos August 17, 2018
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- Someone who thinks that a "money shot" is when you win a lottery scratch game
- the only person who might b conned over and over and over in the same way
"hey pasha, where does rubber come from?"
"psshh... it comes from tires"

"so u wanna go to a strpi joint pasha?"
"yeah!! hey i bet if u pay the strippers extra money...they'll probably have sex with you!!"
by ted hitler April 07, 2005
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