An abbreviation for Automatic Electric Gun, an Airsoft gun variant. Usually equal or as powerful as a spring rifle, but have full and semi-auto capabilities. A stock AEG chrono's around 260-280 fps and varies in range for longer barrels. Companies who sell these are ICS, Classic Army, and Tokyo Marui.
"My AEG totally romped your crappy spring pistol yesterday!"
"Yeah.I know...:("
by He may be God September 26, 2003
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it means that you own the person!
- scones was killed by mik's headshot!

"lewl" AEGD! totalt
by mike March 29, 2003
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Aeges (pronounced Ages) is a post-hardcore band from LA, producing Nasty Riffs with some lovely melody to produce a unique musical experience few bands have! Great for headbanging to or sitting in quiet reflection
"I love that new Aeges song!"
"I waited ages for the new Aeges"
by Sunny OfGretna February 3, 2015
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That friend everyone has in any MMO that "Mains" everything.
Example of Doing an Aeg

First Week - "I'm a Monk Main"
Second Week - "I'm a Hunter Main"
Third Week - "I'm a Priest Main"
by DiversionRoute May 30, 2018
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