Advaita is a girl who is super smart, witty, intelligent, into sports, and strikingly beautiful. No one can take their eyes off her. She is going to rule the world and set an example for everyone who wants to attain perfection. All in one, unique and focussed! You can’t ever win from her!
Damn, you are truly missing out in life if you haven’t met an Advaita, because there is nothing better in the world than her and she can make even goddesses jealous!
by Shankaracharya September 4, 2018
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Advaita is the boy who have the ability to own the world 🌍 not only with money but also with love. The boy who have the name Advaita has the power to attract people by his unique style and smart work but not hard work. He can do the things which a person can’t imagine also. He always respects other rather it be a unknown person or known. #kingofkings
The scientists should consult Advaita to make the world better place to live.
by All Rounder Amrit May 5, 2019
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