2 definitions by TastyRiff

(1) Teenagers or groups (such as bands) that think they are so individual because of the "rebellious" brand labels that they buy into to try and be different.

(2) People who won't stop talking about all of the hardcore, edgy stuff that they've never actually done. Not to be confused with, but comparable to posers, who actually think they HAVE done something to fit their chosen label.
That's such a shitpunk band, they don't know the first thing about metal.

Listen to that shitpunk mouthing off...
by TastyRiff April 27, 2009
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(1) An incredibly silly thing to say, in light of the fact that Dragon Ball GT managed to remove what semblance of order and half-decent storytelling existed in Dragon Ball Z: a Japanese anime about men and aliens with bulging muscles and spiky hair obliterating each other with flashing beams of colorful energy.

(2) A comment you can make to let your otaku friends know you have terrible taste in Japanese anime.

(3) Something the writhing hordes of Super Saiyan lovers would say only because Dragon Ball GT created Super Saiyan 4.
So, I got hit on the head by a fridge the other day while watching my favorite cartoon, Dragon Ball Z. Although I'll admit, I like GT a bit better.
by TastyRiff April 27, 2009
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