a demi-god like deity disguised as human.the adman always knows exactly what to do in any given situation.adman is master of all he surveys.his amazing good looks and ability to say just the right thing at the right time makes the adman irresistable to members of the opposite sex,,,,,especially when it comes to older biker chicks.
oh no,here comes the adman,,,,quick,hide the women.
by adman0216 December 22, 2009
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A person who lacks the ability to cross roads
Tim: (having just crossed a road) Who are we missing
Ben: Oh, Adman over there hasn't crossed the road
by Namda July 1, 2010
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he did flims such as cilck and hubie haloweenk and shit he aslo did a moive named mudred mysty, he pratices jewism
did you see the new adman sadlner flim
by rowleyjeffson November 20, 2020
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