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An absolutely gorgeous girl, who is always put down and usually doesnt believe her own beauty. She has luscious hair, dazling eyes and a stunning face. Her personality could win anyones heart over and she is just a beautiful person in general, with a true heart. She has been through so much, but she is one of the strongest girls. She rarely smiles, even though her smile is one of the prettiest.
"Who is that?"
"Oh thats Aditi.K" (Initials of her)
"Wow shes gorgeous"
"I know! Shes beautiful, but shes never smiling"
"Lets go cheer her up, Shes been through so much. Its the least we could do".
by anonnoymous222 September 21, 2011
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Aditi is so chubby , cuddly that her boyfriend calls her teddy bear .She has a stout body and she develops double chin .So her boyfriend searches for some exercises to reduce the double chin .She Looked attractive in yellow dress in dim light but her boyfriend asked to increase the brightness and she did so then the beauty of pic was lost .Lol .This golu is expert in befooling anyone for her love that no one can imagine.
Jaanu * -Wake up my teddy bear my Aditi .

Aditi *I missed you a lot Jaanu .

Jaanu - and I missed you too

I will give you a butterfly kiss and bite your nose and hug you tight and kiss you hard and .........when we meet in next tour Jaan.
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to bail.
Did she aditi on class today? Yes, but at least she had a rubber chicken.
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by asyncsux May 22, 2018
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A name for a beautiful girl who shares and cares for everyone. She may seem harsh on the outside but she really is soft on the inside. If you meet anyone called Aditi, then you are an extremely lucky person because that girl will look after you like a goddess, as she is the mother of all gods. : )
Aditi is a pigeon. So holy and sweet...
by SajiBANANANANANAAA May 16, 2018
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