he is an sweet and kind person. he is so easy to fall in love with. he has the prettiest brown eyes and the brightest smile that will make you day. he is such an generous person and is the best to have around. he has the cutest laugh and it will make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. an Aden is hard to find but when you find him your life will be complete. he is really cute and HOT. he is so easy to talk to and when you start talking to him you feel the connection. i wish i could calla Aden mine
aden is HOTTTTTT
by *love* March 04, 2018
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the most perfect person you will ever meet. incredibly sweet and thoughtful and kind, and extremely humble, even though he's a god and everyone tells him that he is. he is hardworking and he deserves the best in everything he does. very handsome and tall, and gives nice hugs. any girl would want to marry him but you can't help but be happy for him and his girlfriend even if you're not her.
person 1: omg aden is so perfect
person 2: i know right, i just want to marry him
by i love you aden April 14, 2014
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aden guy who is a god.
normally used to describe someone of great importance and is adored by all.
Is great in the sack. and no guy will ever size up to him.
girl1: did you see that hot guy.
girl2: yeah he's such and aden.
girl3:he pleased me like no other.
by secretlad September 16, 2008
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A great guy that everybody loves and has girls chasing after him. He gets As in all classes and is very humble. Adens also usually own a Lamborghini. He is basically the RL Chuck Norris.
by BobbyFlint April 10, 2013
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straight up whack ass nazi that will slay the pussy of any milf or teacher that crosses his path
ya see ya boys im kind of feelin like aden today
by Daddy dictionary March 11, 2020
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Verb. To ask someone to fill an undesireable breach for a small period of time but leave them stuck firmly in that breach with no chance of escape for a much longer period.
He said I'd only have to do this for an hour until Big Mo turned up but I've been here all day - I've been completely adened!

I'll look after it for the next five minutes but that's it, don't pull an aden on me!
by whskyngngr October 08, 2010
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he dumbbbbbb. hes annoying and sends random phots to the track gc
also used as adjective.
wow you’re such an aden”
by suedoughnihm March 03, 2019
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