The true definition of the nature of addiction, lies phonetically within the word itself - A Dick in Action!
The thinking behind this is similar to the etymology of Assume - an ASS out of U and ME. Although addiction was probably not created this way - we cannot be sure - it sure made me laugh at least.
by Smellis Dorkins June 12, 2010
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The thing we all have towards the Net - you know, not being able to get your bum off the couch in front of the laptop?
"Addiction is harmful"
Thief *pointing his gun at the baby*: Quick, hand over the laptop!
Mother: Take my baby!! Please leave me and my laptop alone!
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
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compulsive habit, usually destructive, hard to stop
Derek: It's not addiction, I can stop whenever I want

Clive: lol
by super cuckoo November 10, 2008
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a person whose desire for something is obsessive and abusive in nature
Bill is such an addict, all he does is get high and drunk.
by Cheaper2keepher December 26, 2015
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When you can’t control your body from doing something
I’m in trouble tonight because I haven’t gambled since Saturday, but my fingers and addiction aren’t allowing me to not bet the Brewers tonight
by SpongeMike NoPants September 5, 2019
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When something can become very addictive OR is easy to get addicted to
person A : this chocolate cake is really good

person B: yes, it is very addictable
by rukia20 June 6, 2010
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