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the lead singer of taking back sunday
also known as the sexiest man alive.
That lead singer dude from taking back sunday, Adam Lazzara, is super hot.
by Mel Siv April 19, 2006
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Lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.
Someone no girl can turn down fucking.
"A night alone with your most obvious weekness, you start shaking at the thought...." That weekness: Adam Lazzara
by Tess C. July 12, 2006
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The hott lead singer of the band taking back sunday he likes to swing his microphone around everything including himself...specifically his neck & arms. and...yeah he's fucking hott.
omg adam lazzara is so hott i hope he doesn't choke.
by katie>life April 20, 2006
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OMG...he is THE hottest guy ever!
Lead singer from the band TBS.
Everything about him just owns everyone else tbh.
"OMG, I met Adam lazzara!"
by Lullubell :] October 26, 2006
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hott ass lead singer to taking back sunday. who totally pwns over every guy on the planet. and every girl, and or guy straight or gay wants to fuck him.a man who once dating another chick michelle who you would hate to me because she lost the hottest human that will ever live ever. and you just want him. his body.if you happpen to see adam at a taking back sunday show. you will have the urge to yell "take off ur clothes" and or "come down here and let me have you. right here in front of everyone" and your if female you might start to feel funny feelings in your lower regions which we like to call an orgasim.

because tahts how hott he really is.
adam lazzara fucked sara and it was amazing. and she liked it so much and every girl and guy on the planet is jealous.
by A BETTER DEF FROM SARA July 16, 2006
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Lead singer of Taking Back Sunday. Lyrical genius, great screamer, and altogether sexy.
...Don't worry sweetie 'cause I already know.
by f'in-aie June 25, 2005
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The Lead Singer of the band "Taking Back Sunday". Known for his wild and crazy stage antics, sad and depressing lyrics. His rumored drug and alcohol abuse and cocky behavior. The wet dream of many young girls (some young boys).
Adam Lazzara Sings
"It's not a lie if you believe it. It's no mistake if it's always repeated." - Follow The Format

Diary Entry-
posted on 15 Feb 2007 by: adam
listen to m.ward.
drink coffee..
get offline and get hitched...
little wilies. little willes... oh norah jones and her diary...
coldwarkids and i live in texas, translates just as well... and its just as well...
there may be mermaids under the water, there may even be a man in the moon, but being as time is running out...
you better get yourself together soon...
...i hope he's right in the head.
i went to the doctor,
i said doctor please...
i went the whale,
i said killer whale please...
i hope he's right in the head...

soon. oh soon.
by Tori is cool February 15, 2007
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