Is an output device that was presented to the new generation of computer scientists by Ali. Ali is an educator that has compassionate love towards the world of computer science and technology. Headphones and speakers were also mentioned in the legendary presentation. The students got to learn the positives and negatives for each output device.
I like actuators.
Actuators are my life.
by Murdery May 24, 2019
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The electrical switches that contestants on the old school Nick show "GUTS" had to hit on their way up to the top of the Aggrocrag. If the contestant missed an actuator, they would be forced to go back down and hit the said actuator before they were permitted to finish. If anyone missed an actuator and had to go back they were pretty much out of luck; no chance of winning the piece of aggrocrag, unless they totally pwned their opponents in all the other challenges.
"Dude, the guy in purple totally missed the second actuator. He is totally screwed now. That sucks."
by Katy Kate November 5, 2007
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(verb) act-you-ate-err bp bones dudes
i know this actuator named b.p., "p" is for 12 year old boy
by tammy b June 19, 2006
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(Noun): A technical name that can be applied to any instrument or device in which the correct name and function is not known.
Wife: "Honey, what is wrong with the car; why won't it start?"

Husband: "It looks like we're going to need to get a new dorfus actuator"
by It's over your head April 22, 2009
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A highly technical term for "pilot" on modern aircraft which essentially fly themselves.
Pilot: "That last flight was pretty rough, I think there's an issue with the flight controls."
Crew Chief (mechanic): "Probably a bad control stick actuator."
by Chicago Trev July 27, 2009
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