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1. a contorted facial expression resembling that of a person under heavy influence of LSD

2. a state in which a person's face tends to be in flux, muscles constantly moving as if the observer was under the influnce of LSD or psychedelics
1. "this guy on the street out there was makin' this total acid face and yelling at a jacket on the ground."

2. "dude, that mirror must be warped cuz when you walked by it gave you this total acid face."
by paul knowles March 31, 2006
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1. One's whos face is completely covered in acne, thus giving off the impression that said person's face was splashed with a vat of acid

2. A jam band filled with nothing but alcoholics
"Dude did you see that chic? She's totally an acid face!"

"Man, Acid Face rocks"
by nihilistic0 March 12, 2004
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Most kick ass band from Pittsburgh PA ever!

Lord Plon-Guitar
Rusty Trombone-Guitar
Bobby June-bass

Oh man, did you see coconuts brused a rib at that ACIDFACE concert?
by Roy Peterson II November 30, 2007
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one who stays up late on lsd and looks like shit. the face looks scary and beat up. victims of acid face should stay away from reflective surfaces and human contact. rejection from loved ones is common.
hey look at tj, hes got a bad case of the acid face. i can tell he did some lsd last night. he looks ugly. his face looks like a catchers mit.
by ones who are up too late March 14, 2009
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