Another word for active but can be used as a verb (instead of saying drunk)
“The maga strip is looking accy as fuck tonight”
“Yo who wants to get accy”
by accymonster July 18, 2022
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towns looking accy tonight

who’s accy
let’s get accy
by bouncybai July 16, 2022
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derogatory remark,racist comment,used in scotland at times.

A Pakistani or more generally, a person who is perceived to be a Pakistani often applied to persons of any South Asian or Middle Eastern origin or indeed immigrant. Although deriving from the word Pakistan ,Paki became offensive during the 1960s when used by british citizens to refer to immigrants in a racist manner.
check oot the hamilton accie,hes a belter!
by buckleheid February 7, 2008
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1. Scottish rhyming slang for racist term "Pakis"

2. (Accies) A corner shop in Scotland.

3. A football (soccer) team from the west of Scotland. Full title: Hamilton Academical.

The usage of 1 & 2 is linked- due to the large numbers of Pakistani and Indian immigrants who owned shops. Usage is sparse nowadays- except in the West of Scotland, around Motherwell and Hamilton- where the obvious geographical link between the phrase and the place of usage is apparent. Definition 2 is also acceptable in Northern Ireland.
1. I'm not keen on all these Hamilton Accies coming over here and stealing our jobs.

2. I'm heading round the Accies. You wanting anything?

3. "And the final scores are Hamilton Academical; two, Motherwell; nil."
by Rickykaka August 25, 2010
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blackburn babe, fond of all ball games, netball is one! studying biology, her prefered area is anatomy men in particular. dances at every opportunity. was once awarded the nobel peace prize for burping and northern profanties. she was first to christen the toilet with her spew! last know to be going out with mark morrision he was return of the MAC! also expects chips to be in the oven.
dude, i saw that accy beka in brannigans she was talkin to scouse steve whilst checking out the anatomy of a local man i.e the willy!
by an individual in society! December 12, 2004
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Going to smoke outside the 'Activity Zone' leisure center in Malmesbury.
'Let's be going down the Accy and smoke some of that fly joint.'
by Bill Carr February 12, 2007
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